Kaien is simply very awkward. Being given that he distrusts particularly his instinct of vampire, he is always afraid of hurting Jun. What sometimes, hurt Jun, because for her, Kaien does not understand her. And it is this thing which created an even bigger fear... That to lose Jun. For him, without Jun, he is nothing. In a moose, he caught her, and squeezed her against him intensely. While Jun did not seem to understand, Kaien sobbed on those shoulder... /// Kaien : I need much than everything... I just need you so much... Without you, I can't live... I love you Jun, I love you, I love you.... I just love you so much... I'm sorry if i can't understand what you want... But I love you so much... //// I love this pics so much !! ♥♥Kaien x Jun Forever !♥♥ That was inspired by a trip with Jun ♥ /// Sorry for my bad English DX !